Great Things You Need To Know About Boxer Dogs

Boxer Dogs are a great breed from the canine family. It is however worth considering some factors and knowing some boxer dogs facts before making your decision. It can be devastating know to make enough findings about a dog before making a purchase as many people that do such end up overwhelmed or unable to live with the dog.
Some of the very important things that should be known about black boxer dogs and some other dog breeds are discussed below.

Boxer Dogs


Boxer dogs are one of the easiest dog breeds to Groom. This is due to the fact that they have short coat and being fastidious creatures, they clean themselves just like cats do. This is in addition to the fact that making them clean and tidy requires quick daily brushing. It is therefore a very good breed for persons that want a pet that they can easily take care of.


This is another important fact that people looking for boxer dogs for sale need to know. Boxer dogs are a breed that are active and love to move around. While they could be very homely and want to stay with their masters at home, they also love activities outside the confines of the home. Because of the level of energy an average boxer dog has, their owners need to be just as active. It however does not require too much activity as easy activities like the fetching game is enough to make them happy and active.

Health issues

Larger dogs are prone to having some health issues and the Boxer dog breed is no exception. Boxer dogs are susceptible to such health risks like hip dysphasia, cardiomyopathy, sub-aortic stenosis and a host of others.
They also tend to develop tumors compared to other dogs, once they attain the age of eight. This makes it even more important for lover of boxer dogs to source their favorite breed from experienced and reliable boxer breeders. Even as you are able to purchase the dog from an experienced boxer breeder, it is also important to visit the vet regularly for checks to ensure that any case is nipped in the bud before it escalates.

When in search of a boxer, it is important that you choose boxer breeders that have been tested and trusted. Many of such breeders are willing to provide at least a guarantee of year especially on health related issues. It is also important that you get a report on test performed on the parents. You should also be wary of breeders that want to release the puppy to you before it is eight weeks old.


Temperament serves as an advantage and could also be a demerit of this breed of dogs. Boxer dogs are basically attached to their owners and even as they could be highly spirited, potential owners should note that an average boxer dog would want to follow you to everywhere and anywhere you go. You therefore need to be prepared for a devoted and may be stubborn pet.


Boxer dogs are generally friendly as mentioned earlier but their attachment to their owners would be trouble once they sense a threat to their family, in this case, their owner. Intruders are therefore almost never welcome and in some cases, states require that such large breeds like the boxer dogs are registered. You therefore might want to consider parting ways with some few dollars as you go in search of your favorite dog breed.
Home preparation

This might as well be the first thing to point out for persons that intend to buy a boxer dog. When you decide to bring a new boxer puppy to the house, it is important that you adequately prepare the home for the new introduction. This would require preparing the house in terms of creating the necessary space for the dog, fence installation and also preparing members of the house for the reception of the puppy.

The space to be created would particularly mean where the dog would be sleeping. Some people decide to use a crate in this regard. It is however important that whatever is used is large enough for the dog to stand and walk around in it. You might also want to make the floor soft by putting a blanket or any other substance that would serve the same purpose.

Boxer dogs could be great addition to the home. It is however very important that the tips mentioned above are known are implemented alongside some other ones you may come across as you do your research to ensure that you enjoy having a great pet in the home.